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- Posted to AESA-Association des Etudiants en Sciences Actuarielles by Aesa

. . . . AESA Website is moved from this address. Click (HERE) to see the new website . . . . .. (Read More)

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BMGEN at CASE - Posted to yves pigneur by Yves pigneur

Visit and talk at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University (web), invited by Dick Boland (web) and Kalle Lyytinen (web) Professors Richard Boland  and Fred Collopy first introduced the "Managing as Designing" paradigm and edited "this seminal volume (web) which brings great management scholars and designers together to learn from one another. Keynote chapters from Frank Gehry and Karl Weick anchor exceptionally creative contributions from artists, language and music theorists, software.. (Read More)

Journée Crowdsourcing du 8 avril 2011 - Posted to Ulysse's by Ulysse Rosselet

En collaboration avec Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, professeur à l'Université de Nice, nous avons organisé une journée sur le thème du crowdsourcing et de l'innovation réunissant des acteurs du monde académique et professionnel. Voici les présentations des différents intervenants: Jean-Fabrice Lebraty - Crowdsourcing: concepts, examples, types and how to manage a CS relation? Hervé Lebret - Start-up: Ce que nous pouvons encore apprendre de la Silicon Valley" Catherine Jean - Planetinnov Ludovic Delaherche - Human Inside Ulysse Rosselet - Crowdsourcing et recherche design: application au journalisme Boris Fritscher - Business model and Crowdsourcing? Valérie Chanal & Cécile Ayerbe - Open business.. (Read More)

The challenges of museums - Posted to Xavier Castañer by XAVIER CASTANER

The Dec 21st-Jan 3rd issue of The Economist has a very interesting supplement on museums ("Temples of delight"), describing some of the challenges museums currently face, including in China. Some of the issues discussed in the supplement are quite related to what I write in the following book chapter: Castañer, X. (2013). “Management Challenges of Cultural Heritage Organizations”. In I. Rizzo and A. Mignosa (eds), Handbook of Cultural Heritage, Edward Elgar, London: 209-230. .. (Read More)

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