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November 29th, 2012

swissnex China Lectures “Business model innovation and design”
商业模式的创新和设计, at Shanghai

“The last swissnex China lecture “Business model Innovation and Design” was organized in cooperation with HEC Lausanne and was held at Minsheng Art Museum. (more)

During his talk, Prof. Pigneur presented and showed how to apply his Business Model Canvas, a practical visual language tool to describe, challenge, and design business models. The concepts was illustrated by examples of business model innovation.

The Chinese version (and others) of the Business Model Generation handbook being a great success, many people attended the lecture. During the talk, the audience could try to use the canvas and therefore (for most of them) create their first business model! At the end of the lecture and during the cocktail reception, they could also ask questions to Prof. Yves Pigneur and share their ideas about business models and innovation. The audience was a nice mix of people coming from academic and professional fields and the evening ended up being a great success!

商业模式意指一个组织如何创造、传递以及获得价值(经济、社会、文化等各类形式的价值)。在过去的几年里,商业模式变得要越来越复杂。本期讲座旨在介绍及探讨“商业模式画布Business Model Canvas”。商业模式画布通过可视化语言来描述、挑战及设计不同的商业模式。这些概念将会通过不同商业模式创新的例子得以阐述,例如Nespresso, SunEdison以及Cirque du Soleil等品牌的商业模式。在探索、原型化以及测试商业模式的过程中,设计想法态度以及用户开发同样十分重要。

Yves Pigneur博士自1984年开始在瑞士洛桑高等商学院执教信息系统管理,同时也是乔治亚州立大学、香港科技大学以及英属哥伦比亚大学的客座教授。其在比利时那慕尔大学获得自己的博士学位。他还是学术期刊Systèmes d’Information & Management的主编。2012至2013期间,Pigneur博士在新加坡国立大学商学院担任客座教授。

Yves Pigneur博士还与Alexander Osterwalder共同撰写了《商业模式新生代Business Model Generation》一书。该书已被译成23种语言,成为全球畅销书籍。此书旨在帮助理解、设计以及区分不同类别的商业模式。其中特别包含当今全球主要的咨询及其他各类公司所使用的实用创新技巧,包括3M,Ericsson,Deloitte等等。该书尤其是为那些准备好放弃过时思维模式而去探索新的价值创造模式的高管、顾问、企业家以及所有机构组织的领导者们准备的。

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