IS research at NUS

April 11th, 2014

fruitful meeting Hock-Hai Teo (web), head of the department of IS at the School of Computing, NUS

“Established in conjunction with NUS School of Computing, Department of Information Systems is internationally renowned for being the home to 25 faculty members who are serving on editorial boards of major journals and program committees of major conferences in the field. Besides its doctoral and masters programs, the Department also offers undergraduate programs with majors in information systems, electronic commerce, and business analytics (in cooperation with the B-school). Its strong link with the industry can be seen from its leadership roles in the Strategic Technology Management Institute and the Centre for Health Informatics.

BMGEN at NUS b-school (2)

April 10th, 2014

lecture for NUS bschool MBA students, invited by Prof. Thompson Teo (web) in his course “Strategic Information Systems”.

This talk aims at shortly presenting the Business Model Canvas and business model innovation. Design thinking attitude and customer centricity will also be emphasised for exploring, prototyping and testing business models. Furthermore, business model mechanics, economics and layering will be presented and illustrated. Ground rules and pitfalls in the usage of the Business Model Canvas will be illustrated.

NUS TechLaunch & Frugal Innovation Lab

April 10th, 2014

invited to Take-off! by Luda Kopeikina and Prof. Hang Chang Chieh, director of the Institute of Engineering Leadership (IEL). Luda managed the TechLaunch program and the Frugal Innovation Lab, both initiatives having adopted the BM canvas in their program.

“TechLaunch aims at matching inventors, MBAs and PhD-level researchers into start-up teams. TechLaunch guides these teams though a process of validating the pre-selected NUS technologies’ market value and money-making potential (more).

Frugal Innovation Lab assembles cross-disciplinery teams of NUS students for 13 weeks to solve real world problems. Teams must design and prototype solutions for validated emerging market challenges. (more)

Nice talks by EcoBind (non-toxic battery binder), SeeRebro (portable monitoring device of hematoma), SKINetrate (skin-penetration testing device), VersaTile (robot for tiling floors), TransVerter (micro-inverter for solar panels), and NeumoSol (test kits for detecting pneumonia)

Foresight Support System

April 10th, 2014

Ondrus, J., Bui, T., Pigneur, Y. (2014) A Foresight Support System Using MCDM Methods. Group Decision and Negotiation Journal (forthcoming).

In this paper, we demonstrate the design and use of a Foresight Support System (FSS) combining two multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods. Tra- ditionally, foresight activities involves Delphi, focus group, or Estimate-Talk-Estimate techniques to collect opinions of an expert panel. Often, these techniques are not com- puterized and data visualization is rudimentary. Our highly-interactive FSS solves a number of inherent issues during the data collection, analysis, and results visualiza- tion processes. Despite that MCDM methods have been recommended for technology foresight, a validation with a real field experiment was still required. To evaluate our approach and FSS, we conducted a foresight exercise for the Swiss mobile payments market. Our research confirms that the use of MCDM methods supported with a com- puterized tool can enhance the foresight processes and results.

Theory in SCM

April 9th, 2014

seminar at DS department and fruitful discussion with by Prof. Prakas Singh, University of Melbourne, on the “State of theory in SCM: a response to Williamson’s criticisms”. Prakas is also the co-author of the well-known text book “Operations Management: An Integrated Approach” (web)

“The Nobel Laureate Oliver Williamson has been highly critical of the state of theory in the supply chain management field. In essence, Williamson considers the state of theory to be poor and suggests that this has the potential to affect the field’s development into an academic discipline worthy of serious scholarship. In this seminar, I will outline the nature of each of his criticisms. I will then provide a response to these criticisms by drawing upon research, including my own, to accept or refute Williamson’s criticisms. I will also draw upon some frameworks from the philosophy of science discipline to place the state of theory in the supply chain management field in a broader philosophical context, and provide some thoughts on what should be done to rectify the problems that seem to exist. (more)

BMGEN at Majuven

April 8th, 2014

meeting with Khairu Rejal, Manager, Investment, at Majuven, previously with NTU, in charge of IdeasInc, big fan of BMGEN.

“Majuven is an early and growth stage VC fund … in Singapore, with a focus in Biomedical Sciences, Digital Convergence Technology and Services, and Sustainable Technologies (Energy, Water and Food) … (more)

LeanLaunchPad @ Singapore

April 7th, 2014

Introduction to the Business Model Canvas at the LeanLaunchPad @ Singapore Boot Camp (Prof. Poh Kam Wong)

“Lean LaunchPad is an experiential learning program that aims to guide early age entrepreneurs on navigating the continually shifting landscape of becoming a start-up. Taught at top universities around the world like Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Caltech and adopted by the National Science Foundation in the US, this program focuses on using a flipped classroom teaching model and immediate feedback as ways to engage participants with real world entrepreneurship (more)

The BM canvas figures prominently in the Lean Launchpad approach, not only as the main tool for defining business models but also for structuring the program itself  based on the nine blocks.

3D printer start-up

April 7th, 2014

meeting with Prof. Neo Kok Being, one of the founder, with NUS students, of Pirate3D and big fan of BMGEN

Pirate3D, making home 3D printer (Buccaneer), has recorded the most successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (web)

Look at the nice “Pirate” journey and its interesting pivot here

CfP Busital 2014

April 4th, 2014

9th International Workshop on BUSinness/IT ALignment and Interoperability (BUSITAL 2014), June 2014, Thessaloniki


The final goal of the workshop is to bring together a large community of practitioners and researchers in the field of enterprise and system engineering, services engineering, management, and architecture. The audience of this workshop includes (but is not limited to) architects in indifferent domains (i.e. enterprise, system, process, application, and data), CIO, ICT project leaders, as well as researchers who can both contribute to and benefit from studying the business-it relationships in the organisations (more)

Submission deadline: 4th March 2014

Pre_ICIS AIM 2014

April 4th, 2014

« La société à l’épreuve des TI », ICIS, Auckland, le 13 décembre 2014
Appel à communications

Cette journée de recherche est organisée par l’Association Information et Management (AIM). Elle se tiendra, en parallèle à l’ensemble des conférences Pre-ICIS organisées par les associations nationales affiliées à l’AIS , avant ICIS 2014.

15 septembre 2014 : Date limite de réception des communications (ici)